Caring For Your Leather Interior

Leather cleaning

The first step to leather care is keeping your leather interior clean. This can be accomplished with a soft, moist rag. Apply a small amount of saddle soap or cleaner with a soft cloth. Allow the soap solution to loosen the soil for a few minutes, then thoroughly wipe off all the soap solution with a damp cloth. Follow this with either a moisturizer or oil specifically developed for leather products. The use of the moisturizer or oil will keep the leather from cracking or tearing.

Conditioning leather

The next step in caring for your leather is occasional conditioning. Apply a generous amount of leather conditioner onto a clean cloth and wipe on the surface. Allow to penetrate for 5 to 10 minutes and buff off the excess with a soft cloth. A second application is recommended when applying to untreated surfaces.

Leather conditioners are meant for occasional use. They contain fats and/or oils that help lubricate leather and replenish the suppleness. A good conditioner will penetrate the strong fibers in leather. While petroleum by-products won’t damage your leather immediately, they do over a period of time.

Leather protection and maintenance

BE AWARE: Never use any silicone based products on your leather interior.

If your vehicle is equipped with side-impact airbags, do not use any type of slip cover on your new leather seat covers or attempt to repair the upholstery. Please contact your dealer or Classic Soft Trim Installation Center for assistance.

Leather naturally repels water but, for additional protection, use an environmentally friendly repellent product to help prevent absorption of water and body oils. Stiffness and spouting will happen if leather isn’t protected beforehand. Always avoid silicone-based repellents or waxes which retard leather’s ability to “breathe.”

To remove everyday dirt from smooth leathers, periodically wipe them with a water-dampened cloth. To help keep your leather soft and supple and retain its natural oils, you can apply a leather care lotion with a soft cloth using a gentle circular motion. Stains from alcohol or protein substances like food, milk or blood should be lightly dabbed with a water-dampened cloth to help prevent them from setting.

To remove mildew from leather, create a mixture of one-cup rubbing alcohol per one-cup of water. Wipe the mildew area with a cloth dipped in the diluted alcohol, then allow it to dry. If the mildew persists, use mild soap and water that contains a germicide, then remove with a clean dampened cloth and allow to dry.